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Episode 19 : Educational Systems in 2023 with Simon Rodberg

With the rise of remote learning parents started to realize the custodial function of education. They wish to get their children safely out of their houses into a school building soon again. Will remote learning impact our educational systems forever? Listen to our episode with Siomon Rodberg, the founding principle of DC International School, to know the future of our educational systems in 2023 and beyond.


Episode 18 : Agnes Kunkel on 2023 with Will Bachmann- Unleashe‪d

After COVID started, Dr. Agnes Kunkel started the 2023 Podcast, interviewing experts for their take on what life will be like in the year 2023. Listen to this episode in collaboration with Unleashed, produced by Umbrex, to know the brief highlights of our last year's episodes.


Episode 17 : Financial Technology in 2023 with Ole Rumme‪l‬

Since Corona hit in 2020 and people had to stay at home, the world turned more and more to digital services of any kind. It is not surprising that in 2023 the use of the internet for mobile banking, investing and borrowing money has risen and is making financial services more accessible. Traditional banks and start-ups had to enhance the usage of technology to improve financial activities in a contactless world. Listen to Ole Rummel talking about the opportunities and risks of Financial Technologies.


Episode 16 : Big Tech and Financial Industry with Dr. Ole Rumme‪l‬

During the Corona pandemic several economies have been negatively affected, meanwhile big tech companies have been making an even bigger profit with the growing online market. Is it possible that big tech companies take over the financial industry? Would we see complete banks belonging to such big tech companies in the future?

In part two of this threefold episode our guest Dr. Ole Rummel shares with us his views on the future of banks and if they would differ from the banks we’ve had for 800 years.


Episode 15 : Central Banks in 2023 with Dr. Ole Rummel

Central banks are responsible for monetary and financial stability in a country. The financial and payment systems work well when a central bank does. Like every other system central banks were affected with the pandemic recessions and did a big acceleration to a more advanced technical structure, but what other changes do we see there or can we predict for the future? Dr. Ole Rummel, Director of Macroeconomic Monetary Policy Management at The SEACEN Centre, answers us in this episode.


Episode 14 : Transportation Systems in 2023 with Garry Golden

With much less pressure on transportation systems in 2020 and the rising health concerns of the public, many changes were pushed into the market of transportation much sooner. In 2023 micro-mobility will become the new trend. The Marketplace will be more open for different players. Futurist Garry Golden tell us about his vision for the transportation systems in both near and far future, which solutions will we have for greener and cleaner transportation system and what other innovations will we see in the next three years and after. Listen to our Episode with guest Garry Golden to know the answers to these questions.


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