20-23 Your window to the world beyond Covid-19

This podcast opens a window to daily life after Covid-19 in spring 2023. Covid-19 is a time machine. Twice a week, the host Agnes Kunkel will take you to the future in spring 2023. Which changes caused by Covid-19 have the potential will stay and have the potential to shape our future. Each episode starts with short piece of fiction hoovering around a certain topic of daily life in spring 2023. With her guests she will discuss the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic for our future in politics, economy, urban planning, our private and everyday life, health systems, culture, digitization, mass surveillance, privacy security etc. The world was already facing a major transformation before the COVID-19 pandemia started. We had only scratched at the productivity gains from modern technology like artificial intelligence.  We had already realised that the supply chains were full of bottlenecks and that we had to work to mitigate these risks. Covid-19 like a time machine opend the doors and windows to a  future already knocking on our doors well before the crisis started. Now lets have a look what fruits of transformation now can be harvested much faster.