Collaboration in 2023 with Heidi Gardner

In 2023, companies and employees are no longer only working from the headquarters or their offices. Also, the way business partners collaborate has changed. Everyone in the business world is more aware of the depth and value, that each partner adds into their collaborative work. To know how and why collaboration became essential in 2023, listen to our episode with guest Heidi Gardner, the distinguished professor at Harvard Business School. 
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About our Guest Heidi Gardner

Professor Heidi Gardner is a distinguished fellow of Harvard Law School and was a professor at the Harvard Business School. Dr. Gardner is author of the Washington Post bestselling book “Smart Collaboration”. She is founder of Gardner & Co a research and advisory company specialized on collaboration. Dr. Gardner’s passion about collaboration is fascinating. Her extensive research proves scientifically the impact of smart collaboration on business results. It looks like this could be a great step ahead in establishing the importance of smart collaboration for business success. A point that seems not to be clear to everyone. Dr. Gardner will talk to us about the impact of Covid-19 on our culture of collaboration. And how collaboration might help to cope with the tremendous economic problems Covid-19 caused in our economies around the world.